Our mission is to preserve, improve, promote and protect Lake Antoine Park. Your tax-deductible gift will help to make this possible. Thank you!

Why Should I Donate?

Lake Antoine Park Partners was founded to make improvements to our county park, increase its use by community members, and help it become self-sustaining. Lake Antoine Park has many needs. Our nine-member, all-volunteer board values the Park and wants to restore it to what it once was- the jewel of Dickinson County. We write grants and host fundraising and community events, but your help is needed, too. We will gladly and gratefully accept your tax-deductible monetary donations to support our mission. Thank you!

"My children are the main reason for my donation. They'll be absolutely ecstatic to see their names on a sign at the beach. 😊 Thank you for all of your hard work in this project! I know first-hand just how important the Lake Antoine Park/Campground is to our area residents and visitors!"

"Lake Antoine played a huge role in my memory bank growing up. We never had a lot of money and spent many days at the lake. I would like to partake in anything that I am able, to make Lake Antoine park a place that you want to bring your family, friends, coworker and travelers. Join me in purchasing a block to help take one more step towards making this beach look amazing!"

About Us


June 2018

Lake Antoine Park Partners is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit.  Contributions are tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines. Donors automatically become PARTNERS with us as we work to improve, promote and protect Lake Antoine Park.